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How To Add Unlimited Friend On Facebook In 1 Click Mass Invite

Hello friend here is new Facebook trick i am going to explain you
How to add 5000 friend in one clicks
Every want want friend very fast and from respected country or by genders
So Lets start our tutorial to get 5000 friend

Facebook Friend trick

Step 1 :-

You need to login to your Facebook account on your browser

Facebook Login

Step 2 :-

Now go to this url using your facebook login browser :-
Open the url and login with your facebook account
login to add friend

Step 3 :-

When you login you get this type of page

Now just choose how many friend you want
Note:- facebook allowed maximum 5000 friend only
Choose gender you want as friends
Also you can choose timezone and country friend you want

Step 4 :-

After you selecting friend requirement than click on the button Generate
Generate friends

Step 5 :-

Now you generate the email ids of facebook users you are selected
Copy all email ids CTRL+C

Step 6 :-

After you copied all email ids just go to this facebook link
You will get this type of page shown below

facebook invite
Paste your all copied email id in bracket 1
Just msg add Hi in bracket 2 (Its optional)
Now click on Invite Your Friends

You all done now!

Wait  you will get friend request every 3 minutes 
You also can use this every day but i am suggest you to use only one time in day to avoid account
Banning by facebook :)

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Thank you !

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Caution:- This tutorial only for learning purpose please do not damage any person, We are not responsible for any damage or action


  1. Awesome post.
    Now we can get 5000 friend request on Facebook in only one day... 😀


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