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Is Your Smartphone Safe?

Smartphones is give wings to our lifestyle become more faster and smarter but not every smart things without any side effects that's a same apply for the smartphones. As you all know the virtual world of Internet with infected by viruses and the smartphone one of the part of this virtual world so are you seriously secure from hackers? is your smartphone secure? lets take look how hacker can affect your smartphone

Installing Unknown Application ( Play Store)

The major part of get penetrated by hacker is installing untrusted applications from Play Stores. Every time when you installing app in mobile the play store inform you what permissions needed for the app to run so this is the source for hacker easily targeted you by sealing your key loges, change modify your personal things and many more.

Solution :- Before install any App from play store check what permissions required by Unknown app for example suppose you are installing game application and the app required camera permission is suspicious because game app never required your camera permission to run game. Check the permission required for what purpose.

Installing Unknown Application (Out side Play Store)

Very risky method to install app from unknown websites because its easy medium for hackers to enter into your smartphone with full access, when you download any app file .apk which is infected by website owner using special script to run in background when you install app, this app is also merged with auto installer virus which is not easily monitored or detected by antivirus

Solution:- Never download app from unknown websites or not give permission to any app to get installed

Turn off Connectivity Sources

Just put turn off connectivity sources like Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS when not in working, Its can be way to target your mobile.

Update Your OS

Always take your smartphone up to date updated to get latest firewall security to defend hackers

Android mobiles is not secures and easily can get penetrated by professional hackers is called by researches so no antivirus for mobile give you total security from get targeted, never save any personal data on mobile without any password or don't put any personal photos on your device also never use open WIFI

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